Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
Problems and perspective.

Brest State Technical University, Belarus
4-6 November 2013

Welcome to Belarus Robotics Week!

Belarus Robotics Week is series of events and activities aimed at increasing public interest of robotics and artificial intelligence. 
The head organizer of Belarus Robotics Week is Brest State Technical University - leading university of Belarus in the field of a robotics. 
We welcome all collaborators from industry and academia who would like to join us.

Belarus Robotics Week consists of three big events:

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Problems and perspective. (RAIPAP’13)
International Conference will be held in Brest.
4-6 November 2013

Visegrad Robotics Workshop - series of events for presentation different approaches to teach robotics at the university level and to popularize robotics among young enthusiasts. In Brest will pass a final fourth Workshop under the auspices of Visegrad fund.
4-9 November 2013

ROBORACE  is a collaborative robotics competition organized by Association of Robotics in Ukraine and BrSTU Robotics Laboratory. This competition is mainly inspired by Formula 1 and take a lot of ideas from it.
9 November 2013