The HERMITAGE Hotel is a premier four star hotel in the center of Brest. It combines an ideal location and high quality service which guarantee you a comfortable stay and inimitable emotions.


The hotel-restaurant complex «Belarus» is located in the center of Brest on a picturesque bank of the river Mukhavets and it’s the first to welcome guests from the side of the point of custom registration «Warsaw Bridge». A close location to the museums, the theatre, Brest Fortress, the railway station and the business center makes it the most attractive to tourists and businessmen.


Hotel “Vesta” is at your service. It is one of the most comfortable hotels in Brest, intended for businessmen as well as tourists. We have all the conditions to ensure that the client will feel surprise, admiration. Corporate identity and professional hospitality services are valued by our patrons. We hope you will appreciate it too!


«Dream Hostel» is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an affordable but high quality lodging in Brest.